April 2, 2024

“You wouldn’t catch nits from any other guy…”

Rick Astley now wears hearing aids

Singer Rick Astley recently re-recorded a ‘mis-heard lyrics’ version of his best-known hit, ‘Never Gonna Give You Up”,  as part of a campaign to raise awareness of hearing loss. And he’s been fitted with his first hearing aids too.

In an interview with This Morning on ITV, he said;

“We have in-ears (sound monitors) when we play live and I’ve been turning them down over the past few years, because I’ve noticed that it’s been too loud when I come off stage. I can hear it ringing.”

In the interview, Rick said he thinks the hearing loss is due to age and his career in music;

“I’m sure it’s been affected partly by my age, I’m 57, but I have been around a lot of loud music.

“I do now have hearing aids, and I’m just getting on that journey, finding out when is good to use them. It’s usually at social situations. I’m not hearing a conversation at the other end of a dinner table.”

Rick re-recorded his iconic track ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ using lyrics people have misheard to highlight how these changes can affect daily life and encourage more people to get their hearing checked.

The new twisted lyric version features lyrics including, “You wouldn’t catch nits from any other guy” and “Your aunt’s been naked but you’re too shy to say it!”

Rick concluded:

“I’d encourage anyone to get their hearing tested if they notice any changes, so they don’t lose the sounds or music they love.”

So you’ve been Rick-told! (Sorry).