December 20, 2017

A Heart-Warming Hearing Story

We thought you may be interested in one of our patient’s stories, published by BIHIMA – The British Irish Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association. BIHIMA is committed to listening to the experiences of those with hearing loss, to allow these to shape the technology they pioneer, and so that BIHIMA as a whole can reflect the needs of people with hearing loss as...

Zik 3 Headphones December 11, 2017

Rediscover your Love of Music

We are delighted to be listed as the UK’s first supplier of some truly incredible customised headphones. These new customised ‘phones will allow you to rediscover your love of music. Quite simply, if you cherish sound quality, love music and want the opportunity to remix your sound to your own listening needs then we have the answer. Even if your...