Hearing Technology

Like millions of others, we watched as the Internet became a pervading force in our lives and as the smartphone facilitated easy access to information anytime, anywhere. It’s been impossible not to marvel at how our lives have become transformed and connected. But amidst the wonders, we’ve become disillusioned.

We’ve witnessed the web has created a virtual shop window for dubious sales people and ambitious claims, especially in the field of audiology. On the net, hearing aid technology is positioned as a purchasable commodity, rather than a complex medical device. It’s true of High Street shops too where so many of our client’s recount tales of poor outcomes, lost fees and general dissatisfaction. There is no alternative than the care of an experienced and caring audiologist, and there is nothing better than an audiologist who’s a recognised leader in their field.

There is a mind-boggling array of websites that now provide overviews of current hearing aid technological features. Much of the information is confusing, quickly becomes out of date or uses language which doesn’t make sense to many people. We didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes here.

At Hearing Healthcare Practice, our clients generally leave the final selection of relevant technology to our clinicians as part of their Treatment Plan and our philosophy demands that we provide the same level of client interaction whatever technology you approve. Like any piece of fine-tuned equipment, hearing aids are only as good as the person who specifies and tunes them. Accurate tuning has always been a highly specialized skill, it’s an art which can take years to master. And it can only be achieved by fully understanding the client’s needs and what they are actually hearing. Hearing aids aren’t commodities, they are pieces of highly specialised medical equipment which only deliver their best performance in the hands of an experienced audiologist, and a wearer who’s fully attuned and engaged with the process.

We rely on something we refer to as SEET:

Skill  |  Experience  |  Expertise  |  Time

The choice of technology level will have an effect on the final outcome you experience. If you’re happy to put your trust in our selection, we guarantee that with SEET at your disposal, you’ll be glad you’re our client.
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