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"When I was in my early 20s a friend came round and was shocked that my television was on, what he described as, ‘rhino-stun’ volume,” she laughs. "It was so loud he was pinned to the wall. And I could barely hear it. I was dragged to a doctor and they found that 50% of my hearing was gone. It had deteriorated so gradually that I hadn’t notice it."
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You have given me a new lease of life through my ears. Straight away I couldn’t believe the help that the new aids gave me. I attended a legal appeal in fact I won the case. This I think was probably due to the fact I could hear everything that was said including the mutterings so was able to think straight and give the right answers.
I went to one of my favourite places, a monastery, and as I walked across the sanctuary I could hear squeaking, “What’s up with the aids now”? I thought. But it was the birds singing, ducks flapping, geese landing on water. I could hear everything, at times it was quite overwhelming, all these new sounds that my brain had to get used to!
Following sudden hearing loss in one ear, Robert and I embarked on what he terms ‘a journey’ 8 years ago and it has certainly proved to be a journey of discovery in terms of my own acceptance and adjustment. Robert has a remarkable ability to perceive the psychological impact of deafness in relation to the individual and incorporates this into his choice of technology. He is unswerving in his determination to get the best possible outcome for each of his clients. I trust him implicitly and his support has been invaluable.
I found immediately that comfort and hearing quality improved considerably. The aids themselves are unobtrusive and blend naturally with the colour of my hair. I do not feel conscious in public or private gatherings and would like to reassure others that behind the ear hearing aids are, in my opinion an excellent option for an improved quality of hearing.
I believe your professional consultation and careful selection of the most suitable aid for my circumstances, achieved what numerous other dispensers were unable to do. In addition, and to great importance you and your staff provide me with genuine support, which reflects great credit on your practice and after sales service. I do thank you for helping me climb back into the land of the hearing again. It is reassuring to know that you will still be there should future problems arise.
Thanks to you, I can participate fully in business meetings and have the confidence to thrive in the working environment. I work in the stock market but entrusting the Hearing Healthcare Practice with my hearing has been the best investment I’ve ever made.
You enabled me to keep my job. I have a severe to profound hearing loss and 16 years on from that lucky referral to the Hearing Healthcare Practice I'm not only still able to play a completely full role in my organisation but some of my clients are surprised to find that I'm deaf. As a result of Rob's knowledgeable and innovative approach and his innate love of technology of all kinds I was (and am) able to continue to use a phone by wirelessly connecting my aids to it, learn effectively on training courses and attend meetings. Thanks, Hearing Healthcare Practice you literally saved my career!
The Hearing Healthcare Practice has a warm and caring ethos (and they provide great coffee!). Their aim is to help you hear as much as you possibly can – not to relieve you of as much money as they possibly can! I have been their client for 16 years and have always been given the very best of care from everybody in the Practice. I am confident that they have my very best interests at heart. If only they could could run the NHS!
I could write more....
My issues started around 3 months ago. After 39 years of hearing perfectly to waking up one morning with what can only be described as an underwater feeling in my right ear, thinking it was just a cold or blockage, but within the space of 2 hours I had this insane tinnitus develop so I made an appointment to see my ear, nose and throat specialist at the Luton and Dunstable hospital.
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My mother has been coming to Hearing Healthcare Practice for more than 20 years. She says her hearing aids are her most precious possessions and she is extremely appreciative of the kindness, care and meticulous attention given by Robert and Jo over the years to make sure she achieves optimum hearing using a device that she is comfortable with. And it makes a huge difference to the rest of the family that Mum can hear us! Many thanks!
Robert Beiny is an outstanding winner of the European Audiologist of the Year Award. He has been a prominent and respected figure in the hearing healthcare industry for many years and a strong campaigner for people with hearing problems.
Paula Brinson-Pyke
At Widex we invest a great deal of time and finance in bringing our vision into reality – but it takes the skill of superior hearing specialists to truly bring our hearing aids to life. This is why we are so delighted to partner with the Hearing Healthcare Practice whose Best Practice philosophy goes beyond the gold standard in everything they do and is testament to the fact they are so highly regarded as leaders in the independent hearing care field.
Jon Billings, Managing Director, Widex UK
Thank you very much for the help that I have received from Robert, Jo and Sanna recently. I visited you with a particularly painful and problematic ear wax issue which took 3 visits to sort out. I was very grateful for the hearing test, impressed by the camera looking inside my ears and fascinated to see it all on screen afterwards. Everyone was friendly and helpful and I look forward to using your practice again in the future and would be only too pleased to recommend you to friends.
The difference the new hearing aid has made to the quality of my life is amazing. I can now have conversations and feel very much more alive & not so cut off. Having worn behind the ear aids for almost 40 years, which are no longer powerful enough to help me, the body aid is a blessing. Thank you for your sympathetic treatment and solution.
I am delighted with my aid. It is so comfortable that I forget that it is there most of the time. I can tell the difference between the footsteps of the different members of my family when they walk in through the front door. It is great fun discovering the sounds in the world around me. What has given me the most pleasure is listening to live music. Recently I heard a band with a Welsh triple harp. The different instruments no longer merge into one sound so every note of the harp was pure and clear. It was magical.
Although I got my hearing aid elsewhere when it went wrong I found out the dispenser had passed away. Your kindness has really helped and it has made me realise that I previously settled for second best. With the expertise of the practice, I can once again hear and take part in life.
The difference made by the new aid was amazing. Work represented new challenges. My closest colleague noticed the difference immediately! She told me I was obviously hearing better and speaking more clearly too! This took me aback. As time went on, she remarked that I no longer wore the strained expression she had become used to as I concentrated hard on the poorer quality sounds picked up by my old NHS aid.
One of the nicest things is the joy of picking up the telephone and recognising the voice of the caller. This has made such a difference to my home and social life and is a huge asset in my new job in which I have to call all over the world.
I am delighted with my new aids. Who knows what I could have achieved if I had them at the start of my career!
Hilary’s husband added: I found that I was being asked to speak more quietly for the first time in 37 years of marriage! It is an enormous pleasure to me not to have to repeat almost every word of my half of the conversations.
Thank you for giving me my hearing back and enabling me to meet my husband.

Just a short note of thanks. Without my aid I would have struggled to hear the vicars whispered words at my wedding. Without my aid I wouldn’t be able to hear the wonderful snuffles and gurgles my baby makes. These are the things that make life incredible.
If you are reading this – it is because you are fortunate to have found the Hearing Healthcare Practice. Their care, helpfulness and friendly approach is so valuable and makes having hearing aids so much easier. Thanks to the Hearing Healthcare Practice my life is as normal as it possibly can be with two hearing aids – and a lot of help from the Hearing Healthcare Practice.
Your service, courtesy and willingness to help at all times is nothing but exemplary. I would gladly recommend my audiologists to all those who need tender loving care for their ears.
As a drummer I used earplugs before but they weren’t any good. They stopped my ears ringing but I couldn’t hear cleanly so I ended up over compensating by playing the cymbals harder. I ended up straining my wrist and the other guys in the band started to complain that their ears were ringing.
I couldn’t believe my earplugs were the cause of all the problems. Thanks for the ERs they’re great. I can play normally and I can hear normally, I think they’re the most important bit of my kit and I wouldn’t think of playing without them. Thanks guys.
My ER9 plugs are comfortable to wear, protect my hearing, and allow me to still hear the true fidelity of my viola and the rest of the orchestra. Thanks.
I use my personal monitors on tour and in the studio, I’m convinced they do what they’re supposed to do and prevent hearing loss! And that they sound better than my old floor wedges is icing on the cake.
Clear fidelity live, amazing. I can have the specific mix I want without asking the monitor tech to turn up my foldback to drown out the others. The surprising thing is because the stage noise is isolated, I don’t need to listen at anywhere near the levels I used to. Converted, thanks!
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