It's a simple question, but one which inspires deeply passionate answers from our clients.

The truth is you’ll only appreciate why so many people choose, and become evangelical about us, once you understand that the experience at the Hearing Healthcare Practice is unlike anything else.

Hearing Health Care Office and Tools Hearing Health Care Office and Tools

We have an elusive, indefinable but highly motivating approach, and we inspire people. Every single day, we see the amazing effect we can have on someone’s life. So we’re passionate about our work. We love it, and we love the fact that our clients trust us to share their emotional journey with us.

It's uplifting to provide the keys that unlock so many connections for our clients, allowing them to fully engage with the world around them. We never take this responsibility lightly and we welcome each and every challenge our clients present to us.

We all love what we do, it’s why we come to work. To make that real difference. That's Why.

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Our Story

Hearing Healthcare Practice begun life in 1981, operating from one small room. Three moves later, we now have a suite of state-of-the-art, purpose-built consulting rooms in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, just north of London.

We are recognised as a 'National Centre of Excellence' by the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals (AIHHP), have won the prestigious 'European Audiologist of the Year' Award (our profession’s ultimate prize) on an unprecedented two occasions and been voted ‘UK Audiologist of the Year’ three times. Ask our peers and patients and they'd say we're a leader in our field and an international centre of audiological best practice.

What sets us apart?

The answer is simple, but has taken years to develop and is in total contrast to the fast-paced changes in technology that are now transforming our lives. At Hearing Healthcare Practice, we slow things down. We take time… all the time we need to fully understand and to care for our clients, their needs and hearing challenges. We really listen and we make a difference, even where others – even patients themselves – had given up. Reading the headlines, it's easy to think that the ‘latest’ digital hearing technology provides a solution in itself. 'Choose this revolutionary device and you will hear as never before!' But, although the latest hearing technology is remarkable, it is only part of a complex journey that leads to the extraordinary, positive outcomes and better hearing we deliver every day. At Hearing Healthcare Practice we focus on offering a completely different experience to what's expected of an audiologist. Our level of care surpasses all other hearing healthcare providers with a focus on you and what we can do to help you, not just today, but tomorrow and in the future.

Best Practices, at the heart of our reputation and embedded in everything we do.

At the heart of our Best Practices approach is the creation of what we call an Individual Treatment Plan which we manage and adapt together with our clients. As part of this Treatment Plan we may include sourcing and supplying the latest wearable hearing technology, tinnitus controlling devices or bespoke hearing conservation instruments – but that’s just part of the story. It's our experience, expertise, caring, listening and dedication that stand us apart from the vast majority of practitioners in our field. (Not to mention the results we achieve).

See and Hear for Yourself.

Words on a page can never fully describe what is a truly holistic service. But, during an initial Hearing, Listening and Communication Abilities Assessment, Tinnitus Review or Hearing Conservation Check Up, we're confident we can inspire you and demonstrate the difference we can make.

If you're looking for special offers on legacy model hearing aids, there are many companies who will help you. But not us! Companies purporting to be part of nationwide groups often just sell on your contact details, large chains can have limited product ranges and greater staff turnover… there are good and bad offers in the audiology field but, we're glad to say, very few like us.

If you're struggling to make sense of your hearing abilities, we think you should demand only the best life has to offer; you should expect trustworthy long term continuity from your treatment and the way you’re treated. Unlike many other UK hearing aid audiologists, Hearing Healthcare Practice is completely independent of any manufacturer or national retail chain. Our Treatment Plan approach focuses on you, not what’s in stock or available to us at a discount.

It's only about helping you as best we can, never just selling a product.

Our Fees.

Our charges have been carefully formulated to support our holistic approach, providing real value and confidence. While our fees are certainly not the highest you'll find, we are unable to provide an in-depth, deeply personal and aspirational experience at an entry level cost.

If you check our reviews, you'll see that many clients only approach us after they've failed elsewhere, wasting a great deal of money by approaching the wrong people who either knowingly, or due to a lack of experience, sold them the wrong 'solution'.

Hearing Health Care Patients Hearing Health Care Patients

Becky Goodard Hill a well known online blogger wrote about her experience:

"As with most things in life, I suppose you do get what you pay for and we all search for ways to save and stretch our budgets and far as we can. When it comes to our healthcare and wellbeing maybe taking this route might not be in our best interest. Hearing Healthcare Practice don't provide a cheap 'buy one get one free' route. This is a service for people who want the very best that’s on offer and the difference in experience between my previous experience (a trip to a High Street hearing aid shop) and the Hearing Heathcare Practice I found huge)"

Our client, Gordon Paterson, went further in an interview, saying:

"I was initially concerned about price. However, after having experienced the service Hearing Healthcare Practice offers, I realise that the product is only half of the story… without the experience, skill and long term commitment of their audiologists, positive results are far from guarenteed. If I had known the difference Hearing Healthcare Practice would make to my hearing and my life, I would gladly have paid double the price!"

Your Next Step

Learning to use (and love) hearing aids is a journey that all clients must take. The best results don't necessarily happen overnight. But, at Hearing Healthcare Practice, we guarantee we’ll be there for you every step of the way – helping, listening, supporting and only ever offering you our best advice and best solutions. Helping you to rediscover and enjoy a world filled with sound.

If you, or a member of your family, need your hearing levels checked, your listening ability reviewed, tinnitus assessed or are just frustrated by ineffective hearing aid performance then please, contact us today.

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