December 11, 2017

Rediscover your Love of Music

Zik 3 Headphones

We are delighted to be listed as the UK’s first supplier of some truly incredible customised headphones.

These new customised ‘phones will allow you to rediscover your love of music. Quite simply, if you cherish sound quality, love music and want the opportunity to remix your sound to your own listening needs then we have the answer. Even if your hearing isn’t what it used to be.

Introducing personalised sound quality, approved by the European Audiologist of the Year!

Working on the basis of Parrot Zik 3 headphones, these have been highly customised and specially adapted by our colleagues in Holland. Specialist software has been designed and uploaded to transform the wireless, hi-tech, stylish, ultra-intuitive audio headset into a truly remarkable listening experience.

It’s rare that we discover an audio product that inspires us as much as the hearing aid technology we work with but these specially improved headphones let you do all kinds of cool things that you’ve not been able to do with any headphone before.

They adapt sound to your hearing ability, so you will hear music as it is meant to sound. Regardless of how well you can still hear. Just test your hearing via a simple, but super accurate, hearing test and the app will then calculate the best sound setting for you and program it into the headphones. You will not believe the detail of music that you can hear! With these headphones you really can rediscover your music

Today’s BBC news reported on the importance of music, not only to the heart and soul but to healthy brain development.

Our latest Zik 3 headphones may just provide the aural nourishment you need.

Resulting from collaboration with designer Philippe Starck, they are beautiful to behold, wonderful to touch and, when connected to a special app, a delight to hear.

If you’re local to us come by and have a listen. Pre order now for January delivery.