October 19, 2022

Five Stars for Our Hearing Aid Audiology Service

Paul has been a client of our community-based audiology practice for 11 years. We have recently replaced his hearing aids and he’s been so thrilled at the results that he’s turned to Google to let us know. Thanks, Paul for taking the time to give us a five-star rating, it’s a pleasure to guide you through the myriad of technology...

October 19, 2022

Five Stars for Our Ear Wax Removal Service

Louise has been a client of our micro suction ear cleaning service for a few years. Nowadays, as GP practices no longer provide the service, many people are offering to clean ears. However, methods, equipment, skill, and experience vary dramatically – some even use ‘ear candles’ which are scientifically proven to be dangerous and ineffective. At Hearing Healthcare Practice we’re...

October 19, 2022

Don Rates Our Five Star Service

We have provided audiological guidance and hearing aids to Don for fifteen years and recently replaced his eight-year-old hearing aids with significantly improved models. Although the latest hearing aids are much better, they don’t simply work ‘out of the box’, they require our experience and time to tune to a scientific prescription and then, to personalise them. In conversation with...