October 19, 2022

Don Rates Our Five Star Service

We have provided audiological guidance and hearing aids to Don for fifteen years and recently replaced his eight-year-old hearing aids with significantly improved models. Although the latest hearing aids are much better, they don’t simply work ‘out of the box’, they require our experience and time to tune to a scientific prescription and then, to personalise them. In conversation with Don we can appreciate what he needs and, importantly, we can also provide bespoke fine-tuning.  It’s an area we specialise in and excel at, so we ensure our hearing treatment performs to Don’s personal preference for sound quality whilst maximizing how well he can hear and communicate in the situations which mean the most to him.

He emailed to say:

“Many thanks for your time on Thursday, it’s always an honour to be looked after you. You have a very kind way with your clients and are so very understanding and have incredible patience.  By the way the new ears are great! I can hear well with the new technology and in time will get used to the controls, I will book a follow up appointment in two weeks for some fine tuning if necessary. Thanks again.

“I know I have said this before but you and your staff support of me over the years has made all the difference to my quality of life allowing me to work and enjoy social events.  Many, many thanks.”

Regards, Don.

It has been a pleasure to support Don navigate the huge array of technological solutions now on offer and provide the reassurance of ‘face-to-face, one-to-one’ healthcare. If you are looking for continuity with a hearing specialist who has the time, and takes the time to get to know you rather than to shuffle you out of the door and on to the next client, why not make an appointment with us HERE