April 26, 2023

A Laughing Matter

We noticed an interesting article in The Guardian about comedian, Angela Barnes, in which she talks about being funny, being deaf (wearing hearing aids), and her diagnosis of ADHD. And that such seeming disabilities have been no barrier to her success. The opposite in fact. In the article Angela says; “… but the sanguine standup does engage with another novel...

April 23, 2023


HEARING AID WEARERS TAKE NOTE The UK Government is testing a new national warning system which will automatically generate a loud alarm sound on your mobile phone and flash a warning on your screen today at 3.00pm,  Sunday 23rd April. If you wear hearing aids which are bluetooth enabled and connected to your phone, please be aware that your hearing...

April 3, 2023

Hearing Mentors and the Feel Good Factor

Our Practice Founder, Robert Beiny, writes; My work has always revolved around helping someone else. Sometimes that takes a straightforward and simple approach, other times it needs me to be more creative in supporting those who approach me. Today was one of those later days. It concerned a new 32-year-old client who is in need of supportive audiological guidance, hearing...