April 3, 2023

Hearing Mentors and the Feel Good Factor

Our Practice Founder, Robert Beiny, writes;

My work has always revolved around helping someone else.

Sometimes that takes a straightforward and simple approach, other times it needs me to be more creative in supporting those who approach me.

Today was one of those later days.

It concerned a new 32-year-old client who is in need of supportive audiological guidance, hearing rehabilitation, and emotional strength to navigate through the hearing world.

The first visit last week took us two hours and today a further two so we can be sure we’re embarking on our journey fully prepared.

I realised that my new client would really be best supported by a personal mentor, or mentors, to help her in addition to what I can provide.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to call on my many contacts and was able to reach out to two clients who both had been on a similar journey a few years back. Luckily they all work in a similar ‘world’ – fashion, music, beauty and celebrity.

I think of many of my clients as friends and their support has been invaluable in helping my brand of audiology to develop over the years. They have also always been there to give confidence to others who are just starting out.

It’s so comforting when I ask for help, I get replies like this…. “ Totally happy to reach out to her in whichever way u feel best. There isn’t a week that I am not telling my story to someone who needs it! Totally empowered by you!!!!”

It’s on days like this that audiology makes me smile and gives me such a feel-good factor.