February 13, 2013

Poor hear inked linked to memory loss

February 13, 2013

Train the Brain Improves Hearing

February 8, 2013

Why visit The Practice #2

Our experience gives you the expert care you deserve. Our staff has vast experience with interviewing patients, diagnostic testing, and understanding how better hearing can be brought into people’s lives. This experience allows us to develop the most comprehensive treatment plan supported by our own unique Quality Excellence Programme.

February 6, 2013

Why visit The Practice #1

We believe that educating patients leads to the best hearing results. The more you understand about your level of hearing loss and the technology options available to you, the greater the chances that you will hear your best. That is why, online and in our office, we provide you with information to give you all the answers you need to...

February 1, 2013

Beethoven’s “hot terror”

A statement written by Beethoven describes living with hearing loss. Follow the link to read his words. Unthinkable today. We have come such a long way hopefully from people feeling terror from having hearing loss. Don’t delay in asking for help.