February 23, 2023

Healthy Ageing – how hearing “well’ helps us stay young

Our team member, Robert, was recently in hospital, where he had time to reflect on listening to professionals, taking their advice, healthy living, ageing, well-being, cognitive health, age, and, of course, hearing. Here he shares his thoughts with us: “So, there I lay, in the pre-op area, waiting for the pre-med to take effect before I was given general anesthesia....

February 3, 2023

Hearing Healthcare Practice Supports Tinnitus Week

We’re supporting Tinnitus Week. Tinnitus UK, a charity which supports people living with tinnitus, is launching its annual awareness campaign on 6th February 2023. Tinnitus is, of course, the sensation of hearing a sound when there‚Äôs no external source. Affecting an estimated one in seven adults in the UK, the severity of the symptoms varies according to each individual and...