February 3, 2023

Hearing Healthcare Practice Supports Tinnitus Week

We’re supporting Tinnitus Week.

Tinnitus UK, a charity which supports people living with tinnitus, is launching its annual awareness campaign on 6th February 2023.

Tinnitus is, of course, the sensation of hearing a sound when there’s no external source. Affecting an estimated one in seven adults in the UK, the severity of the symptoms varies according to each individual and can be extremely distressing for people living with the condition.

Hearing Healthcare Practice in Harpenden is a member of AIHHP (Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals), and is supporting Tinnitus Week. #TinnitusWeek 2023 will focus on prevention for those working and living in noisy environments.

As Robert Beiny explains:

‘Tinnitus can be associated with a number of things including age-related hearing loss, inner ear damage caused by repeated exposure to loud noises, a build-up of earwax or a middle ear infection.

“Currently there’s no single treatment for tinnitus but there is ongoing research into the condition and there are steps people can take to deal with it.

“Tinnitus can be an extremely frustrating condition so if anyone feels that they suffer from the condition or if they have any symptoms, we would urge them to visit our practice, so that our highly trained and experienced hearing aid audiologists can help to investigate possible solutions.’”

Tinnitus Week runs from 6th February to 12th February 2023. To find out more about the condition, visit www.tinnitus.org.uk.


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