October 31, 2023

Super Computers in Human Hands

With the AI World Conference just about to take place in the UK, we thought we’d offer a take on this transformational technology. The entire world seems to be abuzz with discussions about AI. And it’s no surprise. I can recall very little in my lifetime that is simultaneously as exciting, awe-inspiring, and unsettling as AI. However, many professionals who...

Hearing Healthcare in Harpenden October 27, 2023

An Assessment of our Hearing Assessments

Here’s an overview of a hearing assessment at Hearing Healthcare Practice we received recently which we felt it would be nice to share here… Before we begin, full disclosure! I’ve known Robert and the team at Hearing Healthcare Practice for many years. I’ve collaborated with them in marketing since the mid-1990s, and over time, we’ve become friends. I’m now in...