October 27, 2023

An Assessment of our Hearing Assessments

Hearing Healthcare in Harpenden

Here’s an overview of a hearing assessment at Hearing Healthcare Practice we received recently which we felt it would be nice to share here…

Before we begin, full disclosure!

I’ve known Robert and the team at Hearing Healthcare Practice for many years. I’ve collaborated with them in marketing since the mid-1990s, and over time, we’ve become friends. I’m now in my 60s, and alongside my work with my marketing clients, I’ve been an active recording musician. As a result, I’ve spent extended periods in loud rehearsal studios and recording using headphones. It’s no surprise that I’ve experienced hearing damage, I have tinnitus and have increasing difficulty hearing in noisy or busy environments.

While my hearing issues haven’t significantly affected my daily work life, I’ve become increasingly aware of the need to address my hearing decline as I grow older. After many years of observing the award-winning work of Hearing Healthcare Practice and hearing about the incredible results they achieve, I finally decided to seek their professional help.

I knew the Hearing Healthcare Team were experts in their field. However, nothing prepared me for the level of care, and professionalism, not to mention cutting-edge technology, involved in the hearing assessment I received. The hearing tests were a million miles away from the ‘Can you hear that?’ beeps that I had expected (although there were some of those!). What I witnessed was a wonderful blend of cutting-edge technology, an extraordinary range of tests on my hearing and ears, and all with the personal human touch.

I left Hearing Healthcare Practice after approximately two hours with a newfound understanding of my hearing, my hearing challenges, and potential solutions I might consider. I felt cared for and listened to, not only in the way the tests were conducted but also in how the results were explained to me. I certainly never felt sold to either, absolutely the opposite.

If you have concerns about your hearing, I encourage you to take them seriously and turn to Hearing Healthcare Practice for a truly professional hearing assessment.

It’s an eye-opening, ear-opening, and life-affirming experience. Just do it.