September 27, 2020

Practice News – Autumn/Winter 2020

As a leading, community-based audiology centre, we have remained open throughout the year, never once ceasing to serve our patients during restrictions, national and local lockdowns. We’ve continually adapted our service, working within the guidelines whilst implementing our own stricter hygiene controls to be 100% sure of guaranteeing everyone’s safety. We’re limiting multiple people visiting at the same time, maintaining social...

September 22, 2020

Adapting Our Service for Level 4

We are working hard at adapting our services in light of the Covid 19 threat being raised to Level 4. We are changing a few things to make sure we can continue to support our clients over the months ahead. We will be launching our new minimal attendance service to maintain distance and support the national effort in keeping us...

September 4, 2020

Face Masks and Hearing

Face coverings/Face Masks/Surgical Masks/PPE & Hearing Technology (Hearing Aids)  What’s best? What should I wear? What are the rules now ? Are they necessary?  What good do they do?  Our conversations are dominated by the need to cover our faces. Turn on the radio, TV or go online and the debate rages on. As a community-based audiology practice, the Hearing Healthcare Practice looks at...