September 27, 2020

Practice News – Autumn/Winter 2020

As a leading, community-based audiology centre, we have remained open throughout the year, never once ceasing to serve our patients during restrictions, national and local lockdowns. We’ve continually adapted our service, working within the guidelines whilst implementing our own stricter hygiene controls to be 100% sure of guaranteeing everyone’s safety.

We’re limiting multiple people visiting at the same time, maintaining social distancing and reducing the amount of time we spend in face-to-face appointments. We’re cleaning every hour and every close contact surface following every visit, replacing plastic coverings and PPE.

Nothing is left to chance.

Wherever we can, we provide our support at a distance with drop-off at the door and kerbside collection service and many consultations moved online via video conferencing or over the phone. We’re seeing this approach adopted routinely with GP’s as well as other therapy appointments, and our NHS colleagues are suggesting this is how they plan to provide healthcare sessions in the future. It’s more convenient, means less traffic on the road, and frees up personal time.

Audiology professional guidance has been continually evolving since April and the latest publication (1/9/2020) maintains that we should continue to provide a digital-first approach in all our interactions with our clients, patients, and friends of the Practice. Our national Alert Level is now at 4 so we are adapting our policies yet again to reduce personal appointments to imperative visits only, where there is an essential clinical need and only if support can’t be provided using the other systems we have in place.

Up until now, social distancing measures have meant we have only been able to allow visits when we have reviewed a patient’s records first, carried out triage, and made sure support can’t be provided digitally.

As autumn is now upon us, we appreciate standing out in the open to drop off and collect or ask a question or two, is going to become less attractive. We have been working hard to further adapt our services so that you can be welcomed inside and speak to us safely, just inside the door.  Floor-to-ceiling moveable screens have already been installed in the consulting rooms and we have commissioned three more from our designers in Germany. They will be fitted this week before the weather turns. Our doors will remain closed but we have installed a bell system so visitors can be let in and can chat with one of our team, safely behind the new screens.

Our current professional guidance will be updated on 15/1/2021 and the current document can be READ HERE

Please continue to visit our news pages here to receive all these Covid updates.

Once again, personally and on behalf of my team, I’d like to thank you for your continued support and words of encouragement.

Robert Beiny

Hearing Healthcare Practice

The Hearing Wellness Company