Best Hearing Aids Hertfordshire March 10, 2024

Ear Wax Removal – Take Care

Some Crucial Facts about Ear Wax and Ear Cleaning. When it comes to the care of your hearing, and your ears, it’s crucial to prioritise safety, especially when seeking ear wax cleaning services. Now that in the UK ear wax removal and ear cleaning services are not readily available in many GP practices, a surge of let’s say, ‘opportunistic’ operations...

March 3, 2024

World Hearing Day

3rd March is World Hearing Day, an initiative run by the World Health Organisation. This year’s focus is to raise the public’s perception of the importance our ‘hidden sense’ plays in our lives. A key focus is to break down any remaining barriers and any misjudged misconceptions about what it means, and what it says, to wear hearing aids. At...