March 2, 2017

New made-for-iPhone technology, Widex BEYOND. Available Now!

It’s really exciting when hearing aids evolve from old fashioned beige amplifiers to cool design led cutting edge iPhone compatible headsets.

Imagine walking in a foreign city and using street maps and gps in your phone giving directions wirelessly to your hearing tech on which route to take. No need to look down and no need to miss out on the sights and sounds of the world around you.

We are proud to offer the latest made-for-iPhone technology, Widex BEYOND.

The new WIDEX BEYOND™ is the world’s best sounding made-for-iPhone hearing aid. And with multiple ways of connecting through Bluetooth, DEX communication devices and Telecoils, your world never sounded so good.

Combine the best of both worlds.

Widex hearing aids already give you the best sound. Now they also give you the best ways of staying connected to the world around you.

Control your own hearing with Widex Beyond.

The BEYOND app gives you a simple way to customize your hearing solution and enjoy brilliant sound. Change the volume and muting are just a swipe away

Connected hearing never sounded better.

Based on UNIQUE technology, BEYOND hearing aids automatically change listening programs so you can get the best sound in every environment.

For more details for Widex Beyond, get in touch today!