December 5, 2012

Why be an Audiologist (2)

Susan emailed:

Well, I am a very happy person, Robert!!!
I drove up the motorway yesterday and thought I should try out my little gadget that you hooked up for me. I connected it to my mini ipod and spent 2hrs driving north and 3hrs driving south listening to music that filled my head with joy and gratitude.
Thank you so so much for giving me back my music!!!! I thought of you so much and wanted to tell you right away how important this little gizmo is for me. I haven’t heard music clearly for a couple of years at least, and now I can access it whenever I want.

I think it will be a fabulous thing to use for the TV also, so i am open for all the new technology now! I am going to turn 60 this week and will embrace all my deficiencies as challenges to be met with grace and humour!!

Thank you so much.