September 23, 2022

Worth the Journey

Hearing Healthcare Practice has been described as a drive-to destination for hearing care. Recently I’ve been asked to explain what that actually means!

Our lives are dominated by the recurring message that services and products should be available, and increasingly deliverable, on demand. As consumers, we expect  convenience at all costs and, as a result, often seek our service companies closer to home.

Why would we even consider traveling to another town for something if it’s available nearby?

Hearing Healthcare Practice has, for more than 40 years, created its own path in a field increasingly becoming commoditized and where ‘product and price are touted as king’.

Our approach has never wavered through boom and bust economic cycles as we’ve stayed true to our core ideology and ethos, building enduring relationships with our clients and patients founded on mutual respect and trust.

While our peers have looked to operate in their local community, ours has become a global community.

That’s why we are known as a drive-to destination.

This has developed out of a need to provide the specialist care our clients are desperately seeking, and are unable to find closer to home. Their stories follow a similar theme;  falling through the cracks of a system that has failed them for a variety of reasons.

Our practice has been built on a clearly defined ideology and to serve a niche group of clients. The fact we’re not local to many of them isn’t important. If they happen to be nearby that’s a bonus.

This month, we’ve welcomed clients from Bath and Bristol and Glasgow and Cairo. Next month we will welcome visitors from Italy and India. Looking ahead, others will arrive from New Zealand and Australia, Sweden and Hong Kong.

We appreciate they place their trust and journey time in us, and this strengthens our resolve to deliver a successful outcome for every person we see.

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