March 9, 2022

What Does It Sound Like?

One question we often get asked is: “What is the Best Hearing Aid?”

What seems like a simple question is actually very difficult to answer. In fact, there isn’t one, or two, or even three, come to think of it! Online videos and reviews proliferate but, in our professional opinion, they are generally unhelpful and, often, misleading. Sometimes people ask if a particular brand is better than another. The ‘hearing aid world’ (yes, it does exist) is dominated by five companies that produce a wide range of different solutions incorporating various technologies covering an even wider range of costs.

Just like the stringed instrument pictured above, you’ll only appreciate how beautiful it sounds in the hands of a competent musician. A hearing aid is much the same, as it only performs properly if it is tuned by the hands of a skilled hearing specialist – that’s where Hearing Healthcare Practice comes into our own. The expertise needed to select the correct hearing aids in the first place, and then set them up and tune and re-tune them over time, to work as well as possible, is the ultimate combination of ‘Art Meets Science‘. What sets us apart from the competition is our deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, psychology, technology, computer programming and counseling, as well as a deeper appreciation that we are dealing with a person, their emotions, and their feelings about everything their hearing affects in their own lives. There is no simple solution, no one-size-fits-all approach. So we have to be highly creative when we plan treatment plans for our clients.

An old saying goes: Good clinicians treat the hearing loss; Great clinicians treat the patient who has hearing loss. But at Hearing Healthcare Practice we believe:

Awesome clinicians act as a life-coach, guiding and empowering patients to dream bigger, go higher and embrace every available technical possibility in their quest to improve their interaction with their fellow man and woman and child.

We believe motivational engagement is a key part of what we do, so our work goes way beyond technology alone. The treatment strategies we implement provide better communication for our patients in their daily lives. Because ultimately, our “why” is to create better relationships for the people we serve.

Today our hearing experts are continuing the rich tradition Hearing Healthcare Practice has become renowned for over more than 40 years. We have been a constant presence in Harpenden since we first opened our doors in 1981. We have never moved away or wanted to establish multiple branches in other towns. We took the decision early on this would disrupt the level of care we could provide to our local community.  We decided small really is, beautiful.

Our focus has always been to develop new skills and increase the range of services and hearing treatments we provide. Our specialists have been handpicked to help us achieve greater success for our clients. Over the years our reputation has steadily grown as we’ve collected award-after-award for our near fanatical levels of customer service.  Our clients now travel significant distances to consult us as we have become the ‘drive to destination’ for hearing care. Our client community has grown significantly beyond the local area, but we have always stayed close to our ethos to stay small.

And that’s where our audiologists shine and why our clients become advocates for our approach, helping us to create the reputation we have. If you’re interested to find out more about what makes us tick and, perhaps, to become one of the thousands of converts to our approach, please get in touch. It would be our pleasure to help you.