September 15, 2013

More Visitors at Hearing Healthcare Practice

We feel that we have reached our journey’s end.

A journey that started 37 years ago when our Director of Audiology, Robert, embarked on a career as a hearing aid audiologist from a tiny room in Swinton Street, Kings Cross.

He has travelled far and wide over the intervening years to bring the gift of hearing to children and adults around the globe.

London and Hertfordshire was always his base and he always returned to provide ongoing support for the growing band of patients and clients whose path crossed his en route. For some their journey has mirrored Robert’s as they have grown in adulthood, married & had families of their own.

It was always Robert’s dream to be the best at what he does, to surround himself with people that truly care and want to make a difference, improving and changing someones life for the better.

Audiologists Jo Rae & Zoe Steward complement the ethos that Hearing Healthcare Practice has become know for.

Our new facility is the culmination of a dream: a place where we can excel in delivering our vision. A place where all five senses are touched, heightened and stimulated, where communication is enhanced and maximised.

There is no better way to measure whether we have it right than to invite others in for a critical view.

This week we welcomed some more professional & industry visitors to our new state of the facility in Harpenden, Herts.

The general consensus is that we have opened the best centre dedicated to hearing care anywhere. The superlative “Wow” has been used more than any other when someone comes through the door. One even went so far as saying “Truly you lead the profession in so many ways”.

The strong visual interior design of Harpenden’s Hearing Healthcare Practice shouldn’t overshadow what we actually do though. It’s merely one component demonstrating that we realise the importance that you need to feel comfortable, secure and relaxed when you visit us.

The environment tells you that we take our jobs seriously and aren’t playing at it. No Opticians backroom or part time office somewhere with an unmanned phone and messages un-returned.

We dedicate our time to our patients and clients, putting you centre stage: listening, understanding, caring.

If we are to meet our personal goal and change your life, we need to understand you and help you achieve your communication goals.

If hearing is affected, communication is a struggle, tinnitus stressful or you just what some plain old fashioned trustworthy advice, why not give us a call and come see us. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.