April 29, 2019

A Heartfelt Message – How would it Feel?

This is a recent Social Media post from the Hearing Healthcare Practice. A passionate and knowledgable introduction to a video demonstrating the effects of hearing loss.


It’s switched on 24/7
Never sleeping
Always at the ready
Our link with the world around us
Allowing us to connect with others

To learn
To engage
To communicate
To laugh

Last night I attended a concert.

My hearing allowed me to be in awe of the musicianship before me and to be physically moved by sound. A form of heightened aural pleasure.

And it made me think, what if it went? How would my life be altered if I was suddenly no longer able to enjoy the world around me as I do now?

At the Hearing Healthcare Practice we dedicate our lives to helping those whose hearing has changed.

Supporting them, lifting their spirits, coaching and guiding them to improve how well they can hear, listen and communicate.

Music is more important to some than others. For me, to lose the aural pleasure of listening to music would be devastating. As I sat there last night, I thought of those people who consult us, detailing their story of the dangers of loud sound and the havoc it has caused on their hearing.

But it’s not just sound that causes hearing to fade. There are so many factors that can alter this most delicate of our five senses.

If you lost music, how would you feel?

If you couldn’t hear someone speaking and found yourself straining and struggling to stay connected with those around you, what emotion would you experience?


Our clients tell us they experience all of these emotions

If you’ve read this to this point, stop for a second and think about your hearing.

Ever done that before?

Protect your ears. PLEASE.
Check your hearing. PLEASE.
Take the advice of an audiologist. PLEASE.

And watch this video: