March 20, 2018

Think Different? It’s what we do every day…

We like to think the Hearing Healthcare Practice occupies a special place in the lives of our clients and patients.

Our core values have not changed since our Director of Audiology, Robert, began his journey helping others more than 40 years ago.

Our corporate philosophy is to challenge the status quo, thinking differently, approaching hearing care in a different way, exceeding expectations in a field that frequently under delivers.

This is our fundamental belief has permeated our approach to client and patient care since we established our independent practice in 1981.

We have welcomed audiologists from around the world, supporting their clinical training with a fundamentally different viewpoint that of simply providing audiological guidance.

Jo, Angelique and Robert supported by Ros, Clare and Ali do this daily, relishing and rising to the challenges our clients report about their struggles to hear well in their everyday lives.

This is why we come together, it’s what drives us to be different.

Steve Jobs understood that Apple didn’t simply manufacture computers and mobile phones just as we know our work isn’t simply about providing hearing aids. It’s more.