January 25, 2019

Hearing Health = Brain Health

As audiologists, we’re continually reminded of the importance of the correlation between good hearing health and maintaining good brain health.

There is now an overwhelming body of evidence confirming hearing well is essential for cognitive resilience.

The latest breakthrough study suggests daily use of hearing aids could slow cognitive decline in later years.

Other studies suggest that people who wear hearing aids are less likely to develop memory loss as they age when compared to their peers with hearing loss who refuse to use technology to hear better.

A leading researcher and friend of the Hearing Healthcare Practice has even gone so far as to claim untreated hearing loss is a major age-related crisis, contributing to cognitive and physical decline in adults. Scientists have highlighted depression, isolation, cortical shrinkage and dementia in randomised controlled studies.

Thankfully we’re waking up to the need to guide ourselves to good health as we age. Fitness, diet and all things in moderation are encouraged and we strive to look after ourselves.

Sadly this message still doesn’t get through to literally millions whose hearing is changing.. too many still refusing to accept their hearing should be checked or to seek advice. The offer of a solution which delivers improved life quality, as well as huge wellness benefits, ‘falls on deaf ears’ …

Hearing aids are part of a “brain for life” strategy. You can’t remember, consider and learn from what you don’t hear!

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