May 23, 2024

Thank you for making us a ‘Hearing Hero’

We're Hearing Heros

We’re delighted to announce that our founder, Robert Beiny, has been recognised as a Hearing Hero. A Europe-wide awards programme for hearing healthcare professionals who’ve ‘gone the extra mile’ for their patients, Rayovac’s ‘Hearing Heros’ recognises the very best audiologists working today.

And what makes being a Hearing Hero so special for us is that the awards are based on nominations from our patients.

Robert Beiny, no stranger to the awards platform (he’s the only ever winner of the UK Audiologist of the the Year Award three times, and the European Audiologist of the Year twice), said;

“It’s fantastic to be recognised as Hearing Hero, or as a hero of any sort! It is, of course, an award for our whole Hearing Healthcare Practice. We work as a team and, although my name might be on the label,  every award we’ve ever won has been a team effort.”

Hearing Healthcare Practice would like to thank everyone who nominated us in the Hearing Hero Awards and who’ve transformed their hearing with our help. At risk of sounding a bit cheesy, perhaps, you are OUR heros!

To see the full Hearing Heros Winner’s details CLICK HERE.