July 27, 2016

Ali Beiny

It seems like hearing and audiology have been a constant companion in my life, right back to my early childhood. My father, Lesley, was an audiologist and my brother, Graham, followed in his footsteps. I started work in the family audiology practice on Saturday mornings when I was just thirteen so I suppose it was fate that I should marry an audiologist!

I met Robert at an audiology conference in 1993 and we’ve been inseparable ever since. We moved to Hertfordshire in 1995, set up home, our Practice and started our family. I don’t get into the Practice as much as I would like these days but I spend lots of time behind the scenes with Robert planning and creating how we deliver our unique, holistic brand of hearing care.

We’re getting our kids involved too – Josh, our son – helps with remote IT support, and Jazz, our daughter, has started helping out on our photoshoots.

Outside the Practice, my interests include reading, gardening, walking our dog and, of course, looking after the family!

And my favourite sound? The happy snuffling noises our dog Noodles makes whenever I walk into the house!