July 18, 2020

Welcome to our Safe Space

Hearing Healthcare Practice has long been recognised as a calm and relaxing place to visit – it’s always been a safe space.
Over the years we’ve received some lovely comments about how much people enjoy their visits. But now we’ve had to pack away our Objet d’Art to create our post lockdown Safe Space. It looks a little sparse but the lovely messages continue to come in.
David emailed to say: “It’s very reassuring to read the precautions you’re taking, and it shows just how important your patients’ health is to you.” “I really appreciate all the precautions being taken, and it’s very reassuring to know how thorough you’re being.”
There has been so much effort going on behind the scenes and huge investment to provide our safe space:
UV-C light sterilisation
Air purification
Air freshening
Air recirculation
Copious quantity of hand gel
Hospital-grade antiviral disinfectant
Plastic coverings for furniture, desks, keyboards, seating, screens
Face shields
Thousands of face masks
Thousands of pairs of Gloves
Single-use disposable equipment
Contactless thermometer
Room floor standing perspex screens imported from Germany
Desktop perspex screens
12 pairs of hospital scrubs
And much more …
Between every appointment, rooms are now closed and every surface cleaned, all coverings discarded and replaced, PPE replaced. Unfortunately though as each visit takes much longer to prepare and we’re only working with a skeleton staff, we can only able to see a handful of people each day.
We promise we will see everyone but please do bear with us for the time being.
Wishing you all the best.