December 19, 2020

Remembering Chris

At this time of the year, we think about family and those less fortunate than ourselves. And this year, we should all spare a moment for those whose lives have been affected by Covid.  

Our newscasts present daily statistics, but behind the numbers there are of course real stories of tragedy and personal loss. And so now we are remembering Chris, a long-standing friend of our practice for more than a quarter of a century, who sadly passed away in April.

Chris was a true force of nature, a larger than life character, whose visits to us in Harley St and Harpenden brightened our days.

I was so moved to have been invited to take part in an online celebration of her life in May, joining people from around the world, all sharing their personal stories. I’m immensely proud that so many spoke about Chris and how she lived her life to the full with the support of the hearing technology we had provided her over the years. It was a truly emotional day for me to fully appreciate the positive effect what we do had had on Chris’ life and those who love her so dearly. 

Chris was always so kind to my team and I, recommending others contact us for audiological guidance – she even went as far as providing our winning nomination for the European Audiologist of the Year Award in 2017 where she wrote about how we had ‘saved her career’.

I am so grateful that my work allowed me the rare opportunity of sharing this special relationship with Chris. My team and I send our very best wishes to her partner Annie.

At this time of the year we also like help others. If you’d like to make a donation in Chris’s memory, Annie has asked you kindly consider supporting Stagetext. This small charity provides access to arts and culture for deaf and hard of hearing people and Chris benefited significantly from their work.

They’re a relatively small charity, so every penny will count.

With fond memories and thanks.

Robert Beiny, Director of Audiology, Hearing Healthcare Practice.