November 19, 2023

Read Hunter Davies in The Times

In The Times (19.11.23), legendary journalist and author, Hunter Davies’ describes growing old, holidays in the West Indies, and his favourite audiologist (and that just happens to Hearing Healthcare Practice in Harpenden, Herts… or, in other words… us!).

You can CLICK HERE to read the full article in The Times… but here’s a little sample.

“… But Rob (that’s Robert Beiny, Hearing Healthcare Practice founder) was not an ordinary high street audiologist. He was a celebrity audiologist. Yes, I never realised they existed, but I should have done. You don’t read about them for the simple reason that celebrities don’t like to admit that they are wearing hearing aids. Yet, like everyone else who ages, they can lose their hearing, especially musicians. All those drums, the loud, throbbing electronic music. hammering your ears all your working life.

“Rob used to have premises in Harley Street and treated lots of well-known people, including Michael Jackson apparently. When I got back to London I went to see him at Hearing Healthcare in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. He spent three hours on tests and concluded that I did need hearing aids. My hearing was only going to get worse.”

After Hunter’s evaluation at Hearing Healthcare Practice, he was fitted with ReSound aids and, well, as you can read, the results speak for themselves, as does Hunter’s fantastic piece in the Times.

He concludes:

“… All my family are delighted. They say that for the past few years I had been shouting, which had been a bit embarrassing in restaurants. I never realised, I thought they were just moaning at me because I couldn’t hear.

“Now I wish I had got my hearing aids five years ago”.

Thank you, Mr. Davies. You are a legend.

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(Hunter Davies Picture Credit: Durham Book Festival)