October 24, 2020

Putting Pen To Paper

It’s easy for us all to click the ‘like’ option or send a ‘thumbs up’ emoji. We all do it daily as digital platforms provide us with a simple, rapidly effective way of showing our support of others.

When was the last time, we put pen to paper? There have been alarming reports that today’s younger generations have already begun to lose the skill of handwriting, let alone commit their thoughts to paper.

There’s something about the extra feeling you get when you receive a message written in someone else’s hand. We used to love receiving the many letters of thanks explaining in detail the impact our intervention has had on a clients life. Today it’s a rare treat to receive a hand written letter of thanks as online reviews have taken over.

Thanks to our client Steve Cort for taking the time to send us this lovely card we have just received.

We’re so pleased we have been able to help.