August 8, 2016

Practicing What We Preach

Practicing What We Preach

Sunday summertime in London and what better way to celebrate the fantastic weather but to head off to Regents Park and visit the Open Air Theatre, a lovely place to experience the arts in a unique setting under the stars.

The bill was a one off performance of comedy and beat boxing. The show was split into 2 half’s with the former filling the first part. The second half of the performance was ruined by over zealous sound engineers setting up the PA at a level which would have filled the Royal Albert Hall not the small intimate space of the outdoor theatre.

Without our custom made anatomical hearing protection to hand, even with blocking both our ears, the levels were still excessively high and uncomfortable so we had to leave otherwise there was a serious risk of suffering tinnitus, temporary hearing loss or even worse.

So with the festival season upon us please make sure you protect your ears and pack earplugs, otherwise you might be forced as were to leave to leave the performance early.