May 7, 2019

Recognition in the Audiologist of the Year Awards

Angelique Da Costa, an audiologist at the Hearing Healthcare Practice, is celebrating a Commendation in the 2018 Audiologist of the Year Awards.

As a leading independent audiological centre and the recipient of 15 awards in the competition since 2009, the Hearing Healthcare Practice based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, is – we believe – now the most successful practice in the history of the prestigious annual Awards (the audiological professions’ ‘Oscars’).

Angelique, who joined the Hearing Healthcare Practice in February 2018 after working for seven years as an audiologist in South Africa, was nominated by one of her patients for her outstanding and caring approach to their hearing healthcare.

Angelique’s win means that four audiologists at the Hearing Healthcare Practice have received Audiologist of the Year awards and commendations – Jo Rae, Robert Beiny and Sanna Aziz having been recognised in the past, with Robert winning the top European Audiologist of the Year Award on an unprecedented two occasions.

Angelique is delighted to have won her award and is sure she made the right choice pursuing her career in the UK.

“As soon as I met the team at the Hearing Healthcare Practice, I knew this is where I wanted to be. The focus here is all on the patient and really improving their quality of life, never ever on simply fitting a product. And that, of course, is how it should be!

“I’m delighted to have been successful in the Audiologist of the Year Awards, especially so soon after starting with the Practice. It’s lovely to be recognised for our work – especially by our patients – and having awards will certainly help patients trust in our care and holistic approach. Also as I’m well aware,I look young for my age (I’ve actually been practicing as an audiologist for 10 years) so it will help having a plaque on my consulting room wall to underline my experience!”

If you’d like to experience the world of difference Angelique and her award-winning colleagues at the Hearing Healthcare Practice can make to your hearing and quality of life, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.