April 1, 2017

A New Life with Lyric – Discover Hearing Magic

Our work has a profound effect on every member of our team, you could say its hearing magic…

We’re really excited at meeting new clients because we know what an amazing experience it is to help someone hear well again and to renew their vigour for life. It’s the reason we love what we do. 

We’re often asked. How does the work we do, the time we spend with our patients, the advice and guidance we provide and the technology we recommend, really improve the lives of people by helping how well they hear?

In answering we’re then forced into using cliches like ‘life changing’  – but that’s only because its a phrase we hear time and time again from our clients.

 But now, a young lady called Lianna, who we’ve known for sometime and fitted with Phonak’s remarkable Lyric invisible hearing aids, has written a blog about her experiences.

Called Hearing Magic you can visit it HERE

But what’s interesting about Lianna’s Hearing Magic blog are NOT the bits about her hearing, her Lyric hearing aids or our consultant/client relationship. It’s the fact that this is the blog of a young woman with challenging hearing difficulties who is now leading the very fullest and richest of lives immersed in a world of sound. 

 But as we know, and Lianna won’t mind us saying, only a few years’ ago, as a result of her hearing loss, inadequate audiological support and inferior hearing aids, Lianna’s life was so very different. When we first met she was quiet, reserved and withdrawn and over the years we have watched as she has blossomed and grown into a confident young woman. 

And it’s been our carefully structured process that’s included loads of understanding, tons of compassion, heaps of time mixed with extensive expertise and only then coupled with right, correctly fitted technology that has changed EVERYTHING. Hers is just one ‘Life Changing story’ but we have many others. 

 And so, just as Lianna writes in HearingMagic.co.uk, we’d like to say, loud and clear to anyone reading this who is hearing less well than they would like … you shouldn’t accept second best and poor treatment. Hearing impairment can be life restricting but, with dedicated help and expertise, you can become hearing empowered.  

Why not register for Lianna’s blog when you visit and you’ll receive updates as they’re posted so you can follow her story and how she continues to be amazed that hearing is magic!

As Lianna says;

“It all started when I first went to the doctors about my ears…

It seemed simple enough, I told him they felt blocked and I couldn’t hear very well.

As a result I was given all sorts of prescriptions for sinus problems and hayfever – nasal sprays, hayfever pills and congestion relief tablets but none of them seemed to work.

Then, finally, I was referred to an ENT specialist and it was a bit of shock (to say the least) when told me that I may have hearing loss and transferred me to hospital for a consultation.

So I spoke to the hospital doctor and was asked to sit in a booth so he could test my hearing by listening for a series of tones.

But then, halfway through the test, he came in and asked if my headphones were working properly and ‘why I wasn’t pressing the button!’ I told him I couldn’t hear some of the tones and he couldn’t believe I had that level of hearing loss… and neither could I.

That was a REAL shock…

After several more meetings I was finally given an pair of behind the ear NHS hearing aids and was sent on my way.

It felt weird – I could hear new and different things but it didn’t sound natural – it was tinny, funny, almost robotic.

I was devastated that I had to wear these great big hearing aids – I wouldn’t wear my hair up with them and began to hide away.

Knowing I couldn’t hide forever I went looking for smaller hearing aids – Boots, Specsavers, on line – anywhere I could. However, none of these were adequate for my level of hearing loss… and my self-esteem.

Then my Dad went to see Robert Beiny at the Hearing Healthcare Practice in Harpenden. He told Robert about my situation and asked for his advice. I then went to see Robert for a consultation. He was brilliant. He looked after me and I knew I could trust him. He explained all the options for my hearing loss.

Robert also understood my low self-esteem and lack of confidence and set about specifying hearing aids that would suit ALL my needs.

He showed me Phonak’s Lyric hearing aids which are worn completely in the ear. They are completely invisible I thought they were amazing.

Let me tell you something!

I have never been more happy than since I have started using Lyric. The quality of sound is amazing – it feels natural. It feels you are hearing everything accurately. Nothing is tinny. It’s amazing. I appreciate sounds I couldn’t hear before – birds, singing, rain, running water, the indicators of my car and music!

I was so used to lip-reading, but now I can hear what people are saying! I used to avoid social interaction in groups or loud places like pubs or restaurants as I could never hear what anyone was talking about – but now I can!

Robert and his team at the Hearing Healthcare Practice and Lyric have given so much more confidence.

They have been with me every step of the way and helped me open my eyes and overcome my hearing loss.

I know that there are many things worse than being seen wearing hearing aids but, for me, Lyric offered a perfect invisible solution – and Hearing Magic is the story of my journey into a magical new world of sounds!

I want to share my story with people who are going through the same as me, people who are having problems hearing and with low self esteem.”

If you’d like to hear more, about Phonak Lyric or anything else, simply get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.