May 17, 2022

Music is My First Love 💙

Pic Credit Antoine J (Unsplash)

Our client, Kim, has spent her life in music, on stage singing to her adoring fans.

But along with the excitement and artistic success have come music-induced hearing disorders, including ringing ears (tinnitus).

Live music has long been the source of concern to audiologists as loud on-stage volumes and public address systems can lead to harmful sound level exposure. 

The pleasure of listening to music is different to the noise someone experiences working on a factory floor. But both present similar hazards.  

Hearing Healthcare Practice has run a successful hearing conservation programme for musicians for many years, providing hearing care and occupational health guidance. 

We’ll feature Kim’s own words shortly in another five-star review but, in the meantime, when asked about her tinnitus she shared this insight;

‘My tinnitus has been greatly relieved from the hearing treatment devices, which have virtually cancelled out my experience of tinnitus altogether”

Sadly we still hear far too often that clients have been told there is nothing that can be done for tinnitus. This is utterly, and shamefully, untrue.

If your hearing needs some tender loving care, get in touch and we’ll see if can provide you the same help that has served Kim so well.

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