July 10, 2017

A French Recipe to Make your Ears Pop!

As the summer in the UK has started early this year with extended fine weather, families are beginning to prepare for their annual summer holidays.
For those of us lucky enough to be jetting off abroad it’s worthwhile remembering that, although aircraft are pressurised, this doesn’t always mean our ears easily adapt to pressure change.

The ear has a natural mechanism to release pressure behind the eardrum when the air pressure around us alters. By swallowing or yawning we activate this process – and this is why airlines always used to hand out boiled sweets for landing – a service that’s sadly disappeared from all but main scheduled airlines.

So, if you’re flying, take some boiled sweets with you or, if you happen to be flying on certain routes with Air France you might be offered their new crème brûlée or pistachio macaron chewing gum! Hmmmm!