March 10, 2013

Jonathan’s Comments

One of our clients, Jonathan Duffy travelled to The Practice, all the way from Qatar in the United Arab Emirates for the Lyric hearing device. He wasn’t suitable so we suggested an alternative custom made, bespoke invisible solution instead.

Here are his comments:

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for what I can only describe as ‘a life changing event’. I simply cannot believe the difference that my hearing aids have made. I can now hear things that I never realised before actually made a noise, for example, the key-pad on my blackberry.

I appreciate that it is early days, however the difference so far has been amazing. The people that know about my instruments have noticed an improvement in my confidence as well as being grateful for not having to repeat themselves when talking to me. In that respect, you have succeeded in meeting my requirements completely.

Thank you again for your time, patience, understanding and professionalism. I would be more than happy to provide any reference or recommendation in support of your services. You certainly deserve your many awards for Audiologist of the Year.

I will let you know when I will be back in the UK, as I assume that you will wish to follow up on how the instruments are working.

Kind regards,