February 8, 2018

It’s Tinnitus Awareness Week – in case you hadn’t heard.

It’s Tinnitus Awareness Week in the UK. Its pertinent that a condition that many sufferers are CONSTANTLY aware of has an awareness week! But the focus, of course, is also on those who don’t have tinnitus, how they can help loved ones who have it and how to avoid some of the things that cause tinnitus (like loud sounds).

At the Hearing Healthcare Practices we see and counsel many people with tinnitus and, as we posted last year. we’re often asked by others to describe what different types of tinnitus and hearing loss sound like.

We think the sound files below do a pretty good job. Just imagine if your co-worker, friend, partner, parent or child heard you like this, what a strain it would be?

At the Hearing Healthcare Practice we’re an internationally recognised, award winning team that transforms the lives of patients with hearing loss and tinnitus everyday. If you, a friend or a member of your family need advice on any aspect of their hearing health, from ear wax removal to the latest hearing aid technology to the most effective tinnitus treatments, please get in touch.

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