November 27, 2017

How Loud is your World?

Our world is getting louder. Along with the noise we’re exposed to comes the peril of our hearing changing. We all take it for granted that the sands of time cause shifts in our hearing levels and some of us now realise how loud noise can damage hearing. It’s quite common to see hearing protection worn on building sites and on the factory floor. But most of us are totally unaware of the risks of noise in our day to day lives?

Over the coming weeks, we will feature a series of stories about this growing problem and highlight a remarkable new set of headphones we’ve decided to import that keep your hearing safe while restoring the pleasure of listening to music, anywhere, all in high fidelity and High Definition.

A campaign recently launched by Action on Hearing Loss is promoting awareness regarding just how loud the noise in restaurants is today. The charity is asking you to download a sound level app, record the levels and post them to a FB group #Decibelsquad

This is a great idea.

Please take part.

Download the app today and get reading your sound levels (the link below introduces you to all of Action of Hearing Loss’s Apps).