February 20, 2020

Join Us For Your Journey

Hearing in Hertfordshire

This week Hearing Healthcare Practice welcomed clients who had traveled from Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, London and Kent in the UK and welcomed back Jayne from Italy and Alice from South Africa.

We are asked why some people find it necessary to travel such a long way to see us. The answers are numerous, some simple, others complex but a common thread is that the individuals have been unable to find a satisfactory local solution to their specific hearing, listening or communication problems.

At the heart of what we do is the relationship between the patient, client and the clinician. Without this connection, we believe any treatment offered is likely to be less effective.

Our ability and desire to truly communicate with people is vital. As clinicians we have to be able to counsel extensively, to explain the concept of how our ears interact with different parts of the brain. Our brains adapt over time to reduced sound input by being ‘elastic’ a condition called neural plasticity. This alters the structure and function of how our brains work. The longer this goes on the harder it can be to adapt to change. This all needs to be explained – sympathetically and well.

As part of any treatment plan we provide, there is a huge amount of instructional counseling and guidance which forms part of an auditory training program. We need to provide audiological guidance and, if there isn’t a mutual relationship of trust between us, it can be difficult to explain some of these complicated concepts.

We are committed to providing a level of care and expertise that goes beyond what any of our clients have experienced elsewhere.

If you have been seen by a hearing company, on the High Street or in a hospital to find a solution to any hearing issue and are still not happy, consider making the journey to Hertfordshire as so many have done before you.