June 3, 2022

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Photo Credit: Robert Beiny

Congratulations your Majesty, on your historic Platinum Jubilee. 

Your commitment to service cannot be over-emphasised, your compassion clearly evident for all to see whilst your smile is an inspiration to us all. 

There have been so many messages of congratulations and thanks from people covering every walk of life and from all over the world. Many have been interviewed and asked what it was like to meet you and their specific memories of the occasion. 

One comment resonated with us on a professional level: that not only were you interested in listening but crucially, heard what was being said.

Some audiologists may listen when clients are discussing their hearing issues but they don’t always hear what’s being said as they can be too keen to jump into the conversation, offering their opinion and knowledge. 

A lesson that any professional audiologist can learn from. Thank you Ma’am.

A Personal Memory

One of my personal memories was to be fortunate enough to have been officially invited along with my family to The Trooping of the Colour and to sit with the many dignitaries on Horse Guards Parade. It was a wonderful day of which we have some wonderful memories. 

I took this picture as your carriage passed us on the Parade Ground.