May 30, 2017

Hearing Stories and Hearing Memories

This week we were fortunate to sit in and listen to Hearing Stories from Lianna, Sarah, Sally and Gordon who all took time to join us in the studio to tell their own stories about their journeys with us at Hearing Healthcare Practice.

They all told of different experiences but one theme was constant: a system of hearing care that had failed them until they found Hearing Healthcare Practice. Sally found us by searching on Google for “best audiologist in the UK”!

It’s humbling to listen to the affection they have for our team, our ethos and approach. One of the questions they were asked is: “What is your favourite sound”. The answers were lovely and insightful.

Our senses, particularly hearing and smell, create strong associated memory triggers in our brain which can transport us back in time in an instant to a place or life event. Our limbic system controls this emotional response to memory and is a key element of our individual self. Think of how a piece of music can affect you, make the hairs on your neck stand on end and remind you of a memory so strong that it makes you smile.

Not hearing well robs the brain of the opportunity to build today these future memories of tomorrow. So if you’re reading this and feel that your hearing range has shifted recently you owe it to yourself to get it checked and see if we can help provide these future memories for you.

Thinking of your favourite sounds. Here’s some inspiration!

My Favourite Sounds