April 27, 2018

Hearing Screening and Hearing Tests

Hearing Screening and Hearing Tests, here in Harpenden, Hertfordshire!

You’ll be amazed at how hearing less well can creep up but, and we can’t stress this enough, having your hearing tested regularly can not only help you to gauge how you’re hearing, but also – potentially – allow an intervention to be made before more damage is done.

Don’t wait until you really notice a difference until you check your hearing, make it a regular part of your health screening – like an eye test. Because, in some cases, the longer you leave having a hearing test, the less we may be able to do to help you when you final take the plunge!

But we understand, not everyone wants or feels they need full regular hearing test, and so we’ve devised a unique hearing screening check – the only one of its kind in the UK – that takes just little time and will indicate to you and to us if you need a more in depth check. Peace of mind with very little effort!

So, whether you’re local to us in Harpenden, in Hertfordshire or further afield, if you strain to hear others in social settings or you feel tired from all the effort of understanding, then come in and have a a hearing screening check. It’s painless and simple and allows us to find out if a full clinical assessment is necessary – it also allows you to experience what improved hearing could be like.

Contact us and we’ll book you in!

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