July 23, 2018

Hearing Loss and Sight Loss – a Comparison and a Suggestion

We’ve been reading this interview with Thomas Behrens, Chief Audiologist at Danish hearing aid manufacturer Oticon about the differences been Hearing Loss and Sight Loss.

“In comparison to loss of sight, hearing loss is not always recognisable, which is why having an eye test is standard practice for maintaining eye health, whereas a hearing test can sometimes be dismissed or a last resort.

With early detection, the adverse effects of hearing loss can often be abated, and the lives of both the individuals suffering from hearing loss and their loved ones can be greatly improved.”

Mr. Behrens also spoke of the long-term health effects associated with hearing loss.

‘The lack of social interaction, resulting from untreated hearing loss, has been identified a potential cause of several long-term health problems.

‘These can include; depression, mental fatigue, difficulty remembering what was said during conversation, and has even been linked with the acceleration of cognitive decline, including dementia.”

At the Hearing Healthcare Practice we constantly promote the need for good hearing health to stave of the long lasting effects of developing hearing issues. So many people think it is OK to leave it, to let the problem develop and ‘leave it until it gets worse’. But all of the scientific evidence states this is the worst thing you can do.

We recommend baselining your hearing, even you feel all is well. Get it checked, and have it monitored. How regularly you do this depends on the your age and specific circumstances. Our audiologists will be able to guide you to a personal check up programme tailored just for you.

Our simple screening service takes just 20 minutes and provides fantastic information. You can book an appointment by contacting us today.