March 17, 2021

Hearing Healthcare Practice is 40

This year our practice is celebrating its 40th year of continuous operation – a continuous cycle of care.

Even though the Covid 19 pandemic has brought our High Streets to a standstill, Harpenden’s Hearing Healthcare Practice has been carried on regardless, safe but open every day.

This is because we understand the importance of our role as an essential healthcare provider and when,  a year ago, the world changed, we knew we couldn’t hide..

And so we become even more resilient, adapting to the events as they unfolded around us.

It’s testament to the huge effort behind the scenes by our staff,  that our patients have the confidence they are investing into a trustworthy, dependable service that will continue to provide support at the end of a phone, email or in person year after year. Covid or not!

In the time we have operated in Harpenden, so many hearing care companies have sprung up  and disappeared as quickly as they arrived on the scene.

Most have failed to grasp what they need to invest in order to provide continuity of service.

But we’re still here for our clients and friends  after 40 years.

We do hope to be able to celebrate our 40th anniversary in style later this year but, for the time being, if you need anything at all please get in touch.