December 11, 2016

Hearing Healthcare; Independent Audiologist or High Street Chain?

Hearing Healthcare. What’s better? An independent audiologist or a High Street chain? A new Which consumer magazine report confirms what we knew already!

What is the difference between the various different providers of hearing aids and hearing care – the High Street chains vs the independent audiologist? In a short post, there’s no time to convey the huge differences between the High Street and Independent Audiologist centres like our own.

There are so many different elements to audiological guidance which go way beyond the tech and focuses on service, professionalism, clinical skill, equipment, environment and integrity.

But we would say that, wouldn’t we?!

However, there is independent evidence in the Hearing Healthcare, Independent vs High Street debate.  Consumer magazine ‘Which’ conducted a survey a couple of years ago which highlighted that clients were happiest with every element of service provided by independent Audiologists. 

And now, a new survey has been conducted  with the same results. In every measure, independent hearing care providers scored 5 stars – unmatched in the ‘High Street’ sector.

High Street chains have focused in recent years on own branding hearing aids and selling legacy (old) products at attractive prices in an attempt to reduce hearing healthcare to the basis of a deal. Time and time again this sadly leads to failure.

For us, the most important aspect of our approach is taking shared ownership of every clients’ hearing issue and developing a treatment plan designed to adapt to a client’s changing needs. This requires time and patience and persistence to succeed in addressing any problem.

Studies show that a client’s satisfaction is above 93% when a Best Practice approach is followed against a mere 18% if basic testing and no independent verification is carried out.

The time and effort involved comes at a cost but the Which report goes to show that 5 star value is not measured by price alone but transparency, product range and suitability.

So, Hearing Healthcare Independent vs High Street?

Our holistic approach is unique and our own internal annual Audit highlights satisfaction rates at 98-100%.

Hearing Healthcare Practice is proud to be an Independent provider of Hearingcare.

To see the Which Report you’ll need to log in using the link above, but our picture shows the main conclusions:

Which Report Findings