October 26, 2016

The Hearing Friendly Restaurant Awards

We’re looking for the UK’s best places to eat, and be heard! Do you struggle to hear clearly in restaurants and bars? Do their design, ambiance and piped music leave you cupping your ears and shouting, rather than enjoying a nice meal and good conversation?

Lots of stone and glass may look nice and be easy to clean but, as far as sound is concerned, it can be a real problem. Flat surfaces and a lack of soft furnishings and curtains means that sound bounces, reverberating around, making it impossible to hear clearly.
However, rather than focusing on the places we all know where hearing is a challenge, we want to identify, applaud and recommend restaurants, bars and venues that make themselves… heard!

So now, with your help, we’re looking to identify those establishments that do their best for hearing friendliness.

Just let us know your good experiences and we’ll help other diners by publishing your findings.

Hopefully too, we might be able to influence a more thoughtful approach to restaurant and bar design.

Please write to us here telling us about all your experiences:

[email protected]

Thank you and happy dining!