October 20, 2012

Hearing Aid News: Binaural VoiceStream Technology & more…

Phonak Launched a complete new platform of hearing aids in the UK Friday 19th October.

This was the first viewing of this technology anywhere in the world outside of the company HQ in Switzerland. The new products will be available in the UK before any other market. The official launch which will be at the upcoming German Congress this month.

The new platform covers all instruments from behind the ear to in the ear, all the way down to the invisible nano model. The technology within is available at 3 different performance levels as well so it’s quite hard to get our heads round all the options. But we’ll be ready to tell you about from Monday morning!

We’ll focus on some key new features in individual post coming up so that you can get a flavour of what’s now available from this leading manufacturer of hearing devices.

If you want to know more then get in contact as availability will be limited in the beginning. The good news is that we have secured the first instruments so that you can benefit from these advances without delay.