August 17, 2017

Connectivity Comes of Age

Introducing Phonak Audeo Belong DIRECT.

It’s not very often that the release of a new hearing technology product has been so long and eagerly awaited. At Hearing Healthcare Practice we are regularly presented with groundbreaking developments before they become public knowledge and are actively involved in helping to design and craft emerging technologies for the future.

We are always restricted talking about these due to contractual restrictions but today we can tell you about Phonak Audeo Belong DIRECT. A new hearing system which allows practically anyone with a Bluetooth mobile phone to connect direct and wirelessly to hearing aids. This is the first time that a hearing aid has been truly open for all mobile phone platforms from Microsoft operating systems, Android, Google and Apple without the need for any device to be worn around the neck to stream sound (calls, music, GPS directions,YouTube videos or anything else) to and from the hearing aids.20882253_1878892842361687_2013838203391845608_n

The introduction of this new technology also allows wireless connection from a dedicated television transmitter to the hearing aids as well opening up seamless integration so families can watch and enjoy TV together easily. Musician and guitarist Pete Townsend, wrote about how he could engage with his family far easier once he started to wear hearing aids. He said “I don’t have to turn the TV down in order to tell everyone in the room that what they are watching is rubbish. I don’t have to turn it up in the first place. Instead of TV interspersed with conversation, we have TV with conversation that happens at the same time. That kind of family running commentary on what we watch on TV is something I didn’t know I missed, but I did miss it.”

Many people are advocates of the phone brand they use and we have known of clients who are desperate for a device to work with their phones in this way.

iPhone users have been able to do this for some time but now this technology is available to everyone.

We are delighted to announce that this emerging technology will be available to us as one of the first providers globally and we are able to pre-order this from the lab as of today with fittings available from September 1st.

If you been frustrated that your mobile doesn’t work with your hearing aids or been struggling to hear friends, colleagues and family perhaps it’s time to arrange an appointment with Jo, Sanna or Robert or to see if this new innovation is suitable for you.